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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No More Ads with this little software...I'm serious

   So this little bit of software is super useful. It's called Adblock Plus. It literally blocks all ads on a webpage. If there is some ad that isn't blocked then just right-click the little disturbance, select "Block Image.." and follow the steps until the disturbance has been vanquished (sounds like directions to an extermination product). But I guess thats what it is. It exterminates all your ads. Did I mention it does it to popups too?

   Let me give you an example about how well this works. I didn't even know that Pandora displays ads until I used it on another browser without Adblock Plus!

   If you do configure and customize this extension(which you can do) you can remove scripts and stylesheets, create a block tab for Flash objects, and more. But this isn't necessary, so it's your choice. I for one have not modified anything. As and when I need to I block advertisements that creep through the filters. This extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

   There are many others like this but I've used this or a long time and trust it. If you're still doubtful I'll give you some stats taken from the Firefox addons website, 13,877,559 users have downloaded it and the average from around 3,000 reviews is FIVE stars. On Chrome where it is in beta, there are over 1 million users and over 7,000 reviews for an average of 4.5 stars.

Get it for Firefox here.

Get it for Chrome here.

 Stay tuned for my next post! Post your questions/comments below!

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