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Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to hide your desktop icons so you can actually see your gorgeous wallpaper

     So another problem for Windows users is the accumulation of desktop icons. You have a great wallpaper but you can't even see it behind all those icons. Yet you don't want to delete the icons, what do you do?


With Fences in view

After hiding Fences

    With this handy and innovative tool we can hide our icons,organize them into "fences" and have them reappear just by double clicking onto the desktop. So the first thing you want to do is get Fences. It's a free software for personal use and is supported by Windows XP, Vista, and 7. To use Fences Microsoft's .NET framework v2.0 is required. If you do't already have it download it from here.You can get Fences from here.

    Once you install it it gives you the option of starting out by creating some fences for you and organizing your icons, or creating your fences from scratch. If you select the first option, it is easier to modify your fences according to your needs, since this is easier I personally recommend this option for all first-time users. Otherwise you can create all your fences from scratch. To make changes to your configuration of Fences, just right-click on your desktop and select the option, "Configure Fences...". You can change the names of each fence, how the name appears, etc. To change the size of a fence, hover your mouse on the edges of the fence, like you would do to an image, to resize the fence. Moving the fence is a bit tricky, but I found that if you, hover your mouse just below the top edge the pointer changes into the arrowed cross required to move the fence. To move icons into different fences just drag-and-drop the icons into the desired place.

  All in all, even if you have only 20 icons or so, Fences will make your computer look, oh-so beautiful, and is a complete necessity for any Windows user. It's also a really cool way to show off to your friends how computer saavy you are.

Tip; Couple this with Rocketdock and you are on your way to building yourself the most beautiful desktop, ever!

Links: Download Fences


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