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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oogling at your friend's Mac? Now there's a solution for U..

    Have you spent all day wistfully dreaming of an Apple iMac. Well Bits of Tech Bytes is now here to help all Windows users make their desktops as productive, beautiful, and as downright gorgeous as possible.

          Well here we are showing you this very handy tool that brings to your desktop a dock that look very much like the one found on Mac's.
It's also a very useful place to display your most used icons. The dock can be found here. The download is quite fast with the file containing only about 6 MB of data.
After installing the dock it will appear on your desktop with common icons already on it. You can easily add your desktop icons to the dock by dragging-and-dropping them onto the dock. Being fully customizable, you can customize the background of the dock, the icons, their shapes, etc. There is even the option to minimize programs to the dock. Once the dock is up and running simply double-click on an icon to fire it up.
The dock is available for free to all users of 32-bit editions of windows from Windows 2000 onwards. If you only wan the best and still don't like any of the numerous dock themes provided with the download there are more downloadable themes for you.

        Quick Tip: Move your taskbar to the top or the sides of the screen to free up space for the dock.

Stay tuned for more posts on the beautification of your desktops!! Like the beautiful and necessary Fences.

Links: Rocketdock download


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