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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Siri says the best smartphone ever is the Nokia Lumia {UPDATED}

No, you didn't misread that. It's true.

Apparently if you ask Siri what the best smartphone ever is, the reply is Nokia Lumia 900. It is a great phone but that isn't the point.

This isn't a sarcastic remark by Siri, no it definitely isn't. The reason behind this suprising suggestion is because for information Siri uses the Wolfram Alpha software, which recommends this phone in particular.

Even after this proof, this has got to be the only phone that recommends another phone manufactured by a competitor over itself. Anyways this sharp turn of events has got to have some irritated iPhone users and even more joyful Nokia and Windows Phone fans.

This might even boost faltering sales of the Lumia 900...a bit...

Update: Apple has released a patch that addresses this issue...shoot...well it was funny while it lasted :D

{via The Next Web}


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