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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to get Flipboard (that awesome reader for iOS) on your Android

Not just for iOS anymore
The very, popular, sleek and beautiful app Flipboard was recently debuted exclusively on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3. Until...

Flipboard is a reader in which you can create your "magazine" created from your interests, like linked social networks, stories, etc.

Well it was exclusive until XDA Developer Valcho decided to extract the apk file from a Samsung Galaxy S3 he had lying around. 

Whatever led him to do this act of charity doesn't matter, because what's important is that now, you can get the Flipboard app on your Android phone.

How to get Flipboard for Android?

Go to this thread on the XDA website and download the apk file from the thread. If you do this on your phone then it should automatically prompted to install. If you do this from your computer then you'll have to transfer it to your phone and install in some way or the other. Such as emailing it to yourself, copying via USB, Bluetooth, etc.

Enjoy your new app, it certainly gets the job done better than Google Currents.

{via TechCrunch}

Image courtesy of guspim.


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