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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Microsoft launches its own Social Network, it's not like Facebook

Microsoft has finally, officially launched it's own Social network., is what it's called. Not very imaginative is it?

It works like this: is an experiment from Microsoft Labs. Apparently it uses search to express ideas in " a beautiful story collage". Well looking at Windows Phone Mango and Windows 8, I'm pretty sure Microsoft have got there design philosophy down pretty good.

Basically you sign in with your Facebook account, or your Windows Live id, and you can use the website to search the internet about stuff you want. Whatever you search about is public (unless you mark it as private). Microsoft believes this will help us share, (errr...,snoop) on our friends search habits, share common interests blah, blah.

A new feature are Video Parties ,which is basically a list of videos that you can compile to share and discuss with your friends. Microsoft has chucked the need to create networks of friends themselves, by integrating with your Facebook account. Hmm, smart!

The official t-shirt. Did I mention that it costs nearly $20 (1000 rupees)
All in all, this seems to be like some Facebook social reader, where your friends can see (read: snoop) on what you read. It doesn't seem to give you a reason to use it, other than checking it out for fun.
Sorry Microsoft, try again.
Wait this is a try since, although its officially open to the public, Microsoft is calling this an experiment from their FUSE Labs. Maybe as an excuse if (when) it fails.

Check out at (wait for it) At least the domain name is short.

Note: The author isn't being sarcastic. He just feels like it. :D


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