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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Get S Voice on your Android Phone (seriously...any device) {UPDATED, TWICE}

After the Flipboard .apk leak, we were pretty sure this was coming, and here it is. You can now install S Voice, which until recently was only available for the Galaxy S3, on your Android phone. S Voice is the all new voice recognition helper, and is a feature of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here's how to get it...

Of course this act of generosity was carried out by a member of the xda-developers. User PlaYouT , extracted the file from a Samsung Galaxy S3, he must have had lying around (lucky!). Anyways you can hop over to the original thread for download links and instructions on how to install it. It's pretty easy, don't worry.

UPDATE: Vlingo the maker of this app has, following hte leak, prohibited its services to all phones except the one inspired by nature. Too bad...
 UPDATE AGAIN: A work around for the above update is here.


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