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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hackability, How it effects which phone you want to buy

Hackability is the trending topic, and often an overlooked one too. Usually when you go out and buy an Android phone you look at a few reviews, the screen size and quality, OS version, RAM, blah, blah, etc. We also have a superb tendency to by cheaper phones from smaller companies, or slightly under-specced phones just to cut costs a bit. Now there's nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can afford the  Samsung Galaxy S3, or HTC One, and the HUGE range and variety of phones running Android OS is one of the reasons for it's popularity. But there's one sticking point.
Many lower range phones do not get updated on time or at all. Updates are essential to prolong your device's usable life. Look at Apple for example, even the original iPad has been updated with the latest firmware. The same cannot be said in Android-ville, where even high-end models are passed over while handing out updates. So what do you look for when buying your next phone? HACKABILITY!

That is the ease, and ability with which your phone can be rooted. Through which you can extend its lifetime. read: save money.

So before you buy a smartphone next time check out it's hackability.

Some websites (based on the ROM) to check your device's compatibility.
Note: This list only includes the most popular ROMs available that you're likely to install and is ever changing, so you may want to request the developer of the ROM for help, etc. 

Hopefully these websites (and this article) will help you in future-proofing your phone!

Note: While flashing (installing) these ROM's, please note that you're doing so at your own risk and it is not the responsibility of Bits of Tech Bytes, or the author for the damages that may or may not occur to your device.


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