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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What's wrong with the new iPad

Three million units of the third-generation iPad were sold within three days of it's launch. Its definitely one of the best tablets on the market. Not so much due to it's hardware but due to the quality and quantity of apps, fluid-interface, and of course how could I miss that screen. The screen is what decides a tablets since it's your only connection to its innards.. It's got more pixels than your HDTV and the only thing all those pixels can do stuffed into that screen is make everything you see on the iPad look simply gorgeous. The quad-core A5x coupled with that screen make sure that the gorgeous graphics on the optimized games, and HD movies play the way they're meant to. The iPad's processor is matched only by the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime (it's powered by a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3, even the name sounds cool).

Anyways we've pretty much established that the new iPad is the best tablet on the market. So why shouldn't you buy the iPad (for now atleast)?

1. Price - It's also one of the most expensive tab's on the market, without all those delicious accessories. Why not be patient and save some(a lot of) money?

2. Weight - With all that great hardware stuffed in, the iPad has gained some weight, not something you'd notice while gawking at someone else's, but too heavy to use comfortably standing, or say with one hand.

3. Storage - Apple has still not added a memory card (and probably never will) to the iPad. Even on the 64GB models the lack of storage is felt due to the high memory usage of the HD apps. No matter what, there should be space to store every single app you want, sure you've got iCloud but is it the same? No.

4. iPad 2 - Have an iPad 2? Then unless you absolutely have to, I'd suggest you wait for some time to buy this iPad, as it doesn't offer a substantial enough improvement over the iPad 2. That said it's always been good to remain on a 2 year upgrade cycle for Apple products.

5. Camera - Sure that 5 MP camera shoved onto the back of the iPad works great, with only one problem. to take a picture or the 1080p videos you can record, you need to hold this 1.5 pound (much more than half-a-kilogram) tablet steady. Even with image stabilisation , there's only so much it can do when your arms are screaming in protest.

6. 4G - Many, many countries like India do not have the 4G networks to support the iPad (Airtel has started a network in Kolkata but that's about it). So the bulk added by the 4G radios is useless. Then again you can always go for the WiFi only version.

Those are some of the reasons that new iPad isn't for you. However it's the hottest selling tablet on the market for a reason. It blends jaw-dropping design, with a seamless user interface, all topped off by the best apps in the world. Oh yes, that's very nice. If you can't resist the new iPad go for it, don't care much about the heavyweight games and new camera? The iPad 2 is waiting for you.

The above photo is from here and under the CC License.


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