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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Glimpse at Google Glasses!!

Google has taken a group a photographer's out on a spin. Did I mention they got to use Google Glasses, on their walk? Rather than discuss the endless possiblities of theses glasses, here's a set of pictures taken on the walk( and elsewhere) with Google Glasses. All I can say is, these pictures are awesome especially considering that they've been taken with some of the most rarified technology in the world.
These photo  were found form this Google+ site and this one.
Read on...

Sergey Brin

The Glasses!!!

Superb demonstration of the capabilities of the glasses

Another great shot

Google taken with Google Glasses

Wouldn't you look conspicuous wearing these in a coffee shop?
Well that's all we get for now about the coolest new tech from Google. Stay tuned!
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