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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A year without the internet?

Could you spend a year without the Internet? Well Paul Miller of The Verge, is going to do exactly that.

He says that he is going to cut off nearly, okay just ditch the "nearly", all ties with the Internet. He wants to enjoy life with more direct interactions, than he would with the Internet. So no WiFi, no texting, no e-mails, etc.

Sounds scary, even impossible for some (me?). But it might even be enriching for him. How many people who have access to the Internet don't use it for more than a year? That's right almost nobody.

I admire Paul, but unfortunately not enough to imitate him(for now at least). He is rebelling against the medium that we depend on. It shouldn't constrain us, but it does. Paul is going to break free of those constraints. I sincerely wish Paul luck. What he's doing will be tough but he's going to show us if it's worth it. He's not a pioneer, but he admits to living and breathing the Internet and now, he is letting that go.

I don't think you're reading this but I don't care. Paul, we're rooting for you, enjoy an unassisted life, see you next year!

See what Paul has to say about his actions.


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