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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The backlighted E-book reader- A Glance

Most e-book readers have these advanced e-ink displays that while provide a reading experience close to that of normal books.
A main disadvantage being that these e-ink displays did not have backlights (unlike LCD's which provide eyestrain, see this for a solution to that too!), so to read in the dark...well, you couldn't. Until Barnes & Nobles changed the game with their Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.

I have not used or tested the device but from what I can see, the backlight is softer than a normal LCD backlight (hence the name glowlight), so the eyestrain must be reduced, if at all it is present. It's got a 6-inch screen, and weighs less than 199 grams. It doesn't have the ads that occasionally appear in Kindles, access to the NOOK Store, WiFi connectivity, expandable memory (that the iPhone needs), and a backlight!

This is definitely one of the best E-book readers on the market. Anyone who's buying a new E-book reader has no reason not to drop the $40 premium that the Glowlight commands over the normal Nook.


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