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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breathe life into your desktop with these wallpapers

Most Windows desktops usually have a default wallpaper or maybe a sports team's logo covered by a whole load of icons.
We already showed you how to get rid of icons how to add Rocketdock to give your desktop some bling, how Rainmeter works, and more posts about this are soon to come.
Anyways all you need is a great wallpaper to top it off. How about a shift from the action-packed wallpapers you see and go for something minimal, you might like it ( I do)?

Enter MinimalWall...MinimalWall specializes in minimalistic wallpapers. These wallpapers look stunning, coupled with a few well-placed Rainmeter gadgets. I'll show you my setup when I post The Guide to an Awesome Desktop.

1. When you enter the site on the homepage, it's basically a huge list of the wallpapers that's really hard to navigate so click the " Browse Categories" tab.

2. There, select your desired category and GO GET THAT WALLPAPER!

3. I use a wallpaper from the " Mindful Words" category, as these one's work really well fitting in with Rainmeter.

Hope you find the wallpaper that's perfect for you. Don't worry it's in the site, keep looking!

Another sample from the site


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