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Friday, April 20, 2012

When will companies learn that consumers aren’t dumb?

     Whether 2012 will become the “Year of Smart devices” remains to be seen. What is clear is that companies seem to believe (for now at aleast) that we need “smart” in not just phones but nearly every electronic( or top of the line TV).
Of course it’ll be awesome to have a microwave that can detect the food inside and accordingly set the temperature, but are we really not capable of doing it ourselves?

     No matter what LG or any other company believes, I will continue to use my plain old “dumb” TV. It’s not that all the innovation packed, stuffed, and squeezed into these electronics is bad. It’s only that I’m annoyed with the fact that nearly every single one of them is named in the same pattern.

How to name a new electronic these days:

-Add “Smart” + type of electronic

     It’s not that every company does this but the ones that do have got to get better names for these products. It’s not just because of my annoyance, it’s also essential for branding and the way consumers identify products, like if you see a device called the “ iSOMETHING” then you think Apple or the way that Bravia leads to identification as a Sony product. So big tech companies, your products are all great and you spend a lot of time creating them. But next time put some effort into a good name, one that sticks, maybe that’ll help us consumers distinguish between what 3D logo is for what company or for which Smart TV is which.

Then again this "Smart" stuff may be a ruse to make us consumers smarter so maybe we will soon distinguish products with the slightest differences!

Stay tuned to Bits of Tech Bytes!


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