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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vanity URls for all...Come and get'em!

 So Facebook pages...the basic display of ourselve to our friends and the world, usually with a flattering profile picture or these days a display picture (thank you Timeline). Here's one more thing that you can add to impress your friends and direct your friends to a page's URL that they are more likely to remember than a random string of numbers and letters.
The best part is that its easy. The worst part is that its unchangeable.

1.Log in to your Facebook account.

2.Go to

3. There will be a set of available username URL's for you to choose. You can also invent your own.

Then click the button to set the URL and that's it. Your all set to show off your very own (vain) URL.

Note : The URL you select is permanent and you will not be able to change it once you set it, so choose carefully, and for custom URL's  you will only be able to get one as long as nobody else has taken it.

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