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Sunday, April 22, 2012

+5 Features I want in the next iPhone

The new iPhone is coming out in June or October or whenever it decides show up( there are way too many rumors floating around). Anyways, here's a list of my most wanted additions to the upcoming iPhone.

1. A New Design

We've lived through the super-breakable design of the iPhone 4 and 4S. It's time for Apple to give it's users a brand new design, especially since this is supposed to be a properly new device. Maybe a edge to edge display or built in inductive charging, so you can just place your phone on the charger and it'll charge.

2. Expandable Memory

iPhone users want and deserve this. There is no reason not to include this in the upcoming iPhone. By the way the chances of this happening are nearly nil. Just thought I'd mention it.

3. A Bigger Screen

Sure the Retina Display was big enough for gaming some time back, but now, compared to the Super Amoled Plus/HD of the Androids, 3.5 inches isn't going to cut it.

4. The Same Ports

I know this is actually something I don't want changed, but there are some rumors going around that Apple will give a new port to the upcoming iPhone. Seriously speaking, it's a big no-no. Users won't be able to use thier old Apple cables as an extra, and for many investing in new peripherals each time a new phone comes out is simply a headache.

5. NFC

It's coming with a lot of phones these days, useful and cool at the same time . It's time the iPhone joins the club.

6. Slimmer, (Size Zero?)

The iPhone has got to be slimmer. There's no question to that. However it's likely to remain the same or gain bulk, due to the likely inclusion of 4G LTE.

There may be more wishes to come. If they do I'll post them. Until then keep your fingers crossed!

The first photo is by David Martyn Hunt.
The second one is by James Nash.


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