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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The new Google Easter Egg is a game!

We've found a new Easter Egg!!! It's an interactive game just like that Pacman doodle!

Now if you search "Zerg rush" at Google then a horde of "Zergs"will proceed to eat up all your search results. They then proceed to form what you see above.

The first time I typed it in i had no idea what to do and just watched the page get eaten. By the second time. I had figured out that the boxes you see in the lower left had to mean something. So I proceeded to click on (errr...destroy) as many" Zergs" as I could. The above is a screenshot of my first score. I played twice more but I won't reveal those scores (due to my potential embarrassment at just how low those scores were). However it's one of the cooler Easter Eggs. In the league of " let it snow " which unfortunately forces you to turn off Instant Search (which I love), and much better than say, "ascii art".

Anyways while not one of the most mindblowing or hilarious tricks up Google's sleeve, it definietly deserves a few minutes. Well got to go before the zergs rush my screen too!


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