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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Software that's free and you've probably never heard of it

"The system that millions of people use, and often refer to as “Linux”, is a variant of the GNU system." - Richard Stallman.

     Here is Richard Stallman. He's the founder of the Free Software Movement, which means he campaigns for computer users' freedom, he also developed GNU. Linux users, without this man your Operating System wouldn't exist. The freedom he campaigns for is your freedom to redistribute, and/or control the software you use. Being the founder of the Free Software Movement, means he has to set an example, and set an example he does! Richard Stallman does not use proprietary software at all. For your information proprietary software, is software that can be only manufactured and sold by the person(or company) that owns the rights. This restriction hinders a user's freedom so Richard Stallman, doesn't even step close to this type of software. Now you might think that nearly every type of software you know is proprietary, so what does Richard Stallman use?

   Richard Stallman uses a Lemote Yeelong, which is a netbook with a 9-inch display and has a Loongson chip. You're probably thinking along the lines of " A Lemote what?....why not an Intel chip like the rest of the world?". This is because proprietary software is basically the software we live off of so your not to blame. Free versions of proprietary software aren't nearly as well advertised or displayed as their proprietary counterparts. The Lemote Yeelong runs 100% free software(in accordance with Mr. Stallman's ideals) even at the BIOS level the software is free. So any Free Software Activist's out there, this is the Laptop for you.

     For software he mostly uses Emacs, a free text editor, for (hold your breath, you're going to find out what this genius does on his computer) E-mail. Yes I can hear all you reader's cheering. He says that he usually isn't connected to the internet but instead only connects a few times a day to transfer his mail in and out. 

Thinking of joining the fight for Free Software or wondering where all that Free Software comes from? 

Start here.

Stay tuned to Bits of Tech Bytes!

I'm not supporting or against this movement or any company it opposes for that matter, please don't misunderstand me because I run Windows 7, love the Iphone and new HTC One's design, use an Android phone(occasionally), I'm just a blogger who wants to share his knowledge with his readers.

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