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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Would you actually wear Google Glasses?

       Ummm...hmmm...I'd give this answer a conditional yes. That is if I do decide to drop $250 - 600 on a set, which depends on how functional and comfortable they are.

         Let's consider if I did buy them. I might use them a bit at home, and use it to show off. But wear it in the streets and outside? That truly depends on how useful they are. If they're as awesome as they seem in the video, I'd probably use them 24x7 no matter how geeky they look. Their usage probably how well they connect to the internet ( I don't think i can brush off the heavy 3G and now 4G costs just like that), how the messaging works (do my friends all need to have one?). I don't mind looking geeky(and maybe a bit crazy) while i talk to my glasses or am scrolling and selecting with my eyes, but think of this...
        Remember a few years back when the original Ipad was released and you couldn't use it in say, a cafe without feeling like the whole world was staring at you like you were in a fishbowl? It's not that I'm super self-conscious about my looks or anything but using these should be an enjoyable experience. Then again if you're like me and didn't(I still don't) have his/her hands on that certain tablet and you oogled at the user it's the same effect.

      Then again we don't want to be too controlled by technology. So unless, these Google Glasses know how to get out of or way when we want it to there are going to be a lot of seriously annoyed users.

Stay tuned to Bits of Tech Bytes!!

For those of you who wish to see the glasses on someone other than a model there they are on Sergey Brin!


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